Bien Etre Beaute





LeAnn Rimes

"Chance is pure magic! She provides a healthier, more natural option for maintaining youthful skin. Her approach, her talent and her heart are one of a kind." 

Nila Bertino  

Atlantic Records Recording Artist 

"Being a female in the music industry is a true honor. It is important for me to be a powerful and positive role model for young girls and women everywhere with my music and also with my choices. As mainstream culture and society keeps reminding us, aging is the enemy.  Dealing with my stage fright, giving a Ted Talk, or long hours in the studio isn’t as hard as aging and wondering when evil wrinkles would start showing up on my face.  I was nervous I’d feel pressure to start using chemicals or injections for the rest of my life. I feared I would start to transform into someone I couldn’t recognize. I feel so grateful to have found Chance just in time. Le Visage Lift Contour is 100% non-­‐ invasive, and leaves you looking and feeling great. You see immediate results and my skin feels and looked years younger. It is pure magic! Chance has dedicated her entire life to the science behind her genius treatment and I cannot thank her enough for her dedication. She has taught me so much about how to take care of my skin and has truly transformed my face. I am the best version of myself.  Chance – you have changed my life!  I hope to inspire others to remain true to themselves and know there is a treatment out there that really works!" 



Antoine Becks

DJ / Music producer

"Chance’s innovative treatment has been a life-changing experience for me!  Being a musician, I’m in an industry where youth is one of the most important aspects.  I had never thought of doing plastic surgery or botox because I’ve always wanted to keep the essence of who I am and what my face looks like, and didn’t want any chemicals injected into my skin.  I’m also not yet at an age where I felt I was beginning to look old, but I did however notice that my face definitely didn’t look how it did 10 years ago."

Rachel Kylian

Film and TV Actress

"I am very happy that I discovered Chance « Le Visage Lift Contour », I am an actress and my face is very important in my business. I was against plastic surgery and the technology that Chance’s created is the perfect alternative to plastic. I have started the treatment few months ago and I have seen significant changes in my face including less wrinkles, smoother skin, no more discoloration around the eyes and a perfect face contour. I feel absolutely younger, prettier and more confident. I saw the results of the treatment immediately. Chance has this ability to model your face to your vision. The treatment is not painful and you see the effects very quickly. I recommend her treatment for thoses who loves their face and want to look youger, this is the perfect solution. Plus Chance is a genius and a kind person make the treatment feel very pleasant like being pampered in a luxurious way." 



Cedric Gervais

As a music producer and French artist, it’s important to note that in my culture, we do not discriminate with gender.  We all want to help facilitate the progress of both health and beauty for men and women.  In France, men and women both care about their bodies, skin and overall appearance.

I discussed this with a French-Canadian music producer friend of mine--Antoine Becks.  He told me he had found the fountain of youth--a fountain that was both filler and injection free.  He showed me his before and after photos from a procedure that had garnered reviews from the likes of NASA scientists.  Though he still looked like himself, I could see the tremendous changes that had taken place.  Intrigued, I asked him to tell me more. 

Antoine told me about this French woman by the name of Chance who had developed a procedure utilizing stimulation for the face, akin to lifting weights for muscle tone, producing collagen elastin and resulting in improved facial structure.  After seeing the proof in him, I decided to take a chance on Chance!

Chance traveled to Miami for her regular clients, and I booked her next available appointment.  When I met her, she seemed both knowledgeable in her field and confident in her product.  She sensed a bit of skepticism on my part, however (part of me did think it may be too good to be true), and gave the following offer:

“So that you may see the difference, how about I only work on half of your face?  The mirror will not lie to you.”

The deal made, I let her do half of my face.  The difference was astounding.  The procedure was non-surgical and non-invasive, and almost instantly, I could see the difference in half of my face.  She made a believer out of me, as well as a lifetime client.  Merci beaucoup Chance for your amazing work, tu es super!

Angela Gots

Film and TV actress

As we all as women and even men these days are in search of age prevention and maintenance of skin care, unfortunately many specialists point to botox, fillers and poisonous and artificial ways of staying looking healthy and young. In my opinion, this sort of maintenance seldom looks natural and more harm for the body than good, they honestly scare me.

I consider myself so lucky as I have found a specialist, well a magician really, who is perfected in a technology that doesn’t require anything artificial to be put in my face. Chance! Every time I have a session with her my face is lifted, plumped, sculpted to be where it was atleast 7 years ago or more. Every time, I am truly amazed, the only way I can really describe it is magic. 

I remember the first time I had a session with Chance and she put a mirror in front of my face, I gasped, because there was such a visible difference in how much more refreshed and youthful I looked.

It is always a pleasant experience, between the actual session, of sculpting and plumping, using to what I believe are steel wands, really magic wands, I think in combination with Chance’s beautiful, fun and positive energy, I always feel fabulous inside and out after a day of seeing her!



Daryl Hemingway

MIT ’94, ‘03  /  Mission Manager, International Space Station  /  NASA Johnson Space Center

Unbelievable is what I first thought when I saw photos of the results that Chance’s treatment had produced for her clients.  So I asked her how is this possible that years, even decades of youthful looks are restored so quickly and easily?   What I learned is remarkable and yet totally sensible.  Just as we workout our bodies to retain muscle and tight, youthful shape, this workout for the face stimulates the muscles, collagen and elastin to rejuvenate the face.  And the best part is that it is completely non-­‐invasive, natural and healthy, working with the body rather than trying to manipulate it with drugs and surgeries.   I would never consider doing traditional facelifts, botox or other invasive work, but after understanding Chance’s Visage techniques, I wanted to experience it.  After the very first simple and painless treatment, I was astounded at the results.  The improvements were obvious and yet so natural that no one would notice anything had been done.  Like regular trips to the gym, a face workout is recommended for maintaining and restoring your natural look.  Chance, you have a truly amazing system for restoring the beauty of youth!  C’est tres bon, Chance!

Gabriela Nader

Music Artist / Actress

As an entertainer, looking my best is part of my job so I’m always looking for innovative beauty techniques and creams to get the best results possible.  Taking a healthy and non-invasive approach to getting the look I wanted seemed like a fantasy until I heard about Chance’s French-Egyptian treatment and was immediately curious to give it a try.  `Le Visage Lift Contour` is a 100% non-invasive, non-surgical technique that we are using to sculpt my face into perfection using electrical probes..  it’s like having a personal trainer for my face.  The results have been immediate, progressive and jaw-dropping  ---  and the more I do it, the better and younger I look!  

I’m not at the age where I need to worry too much about wrinkles yet..  but now I won’t have to worry about losing my youth and beauty any time soon… actually Chance has helped me remove years from my face and my skin looks and feels 18 again!  I am relieved and delighted to have a safe alternative to plastic surgery that is THIS effective, and lasting.  No needles, no cuts, no downtime, just a sense of being pampered, and an immediate plump radiance that is changing my life.  

Nothing else is this effective.  Chance is a MASTER at what she does, and an absolutely wonderful person.  I give her my highest recommendation!

Le Visage Lift Contour is a luxurious beauty secret from the Egyptian Gods.