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Get your face in top shape! Reverse muscle atrophy with the cutting edge french technology Le Visage Lift Contour by Chance.

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Le Visage Lift Contour

The latest and most advanced non-invasive rejuvenating treatment of its kind, Le Visage Lift Contour machine uses a variety of electronic frequencies and wave forms to enhance one’s own body function by promoting a dramatic increase in collagen elastin and ATP production at a cellular level. It simultaneously lifts, tightens and sculpts the muscles; resulting in a beautiful, more youthful facial structure. 

Natural beauty can be rediscovered and maintained. The physiological reactions that happen after only two hours of the procedure are similar to having worked out your facial and neck muscles with a personal trainer for three months! She describes Le Visage Lift Contour as a battery charger that helps the cells and the muscles to regain their memory to start operating like when they were in their younger state. The results are astonishing: a younger, radiant, fresher you.


Rediscover the younger fresher radiant you. Le Visage Lift Contour, the non-invasive natural luxurious beauty regiment.

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Meet Le Visage Lift Contour Expert Chance

French-born beauty expert Chance Amina Jaschke is an award-winning aesthetician with over 26 years of experience and clinics in San Francisco and Paris. Chance is the founder and proprietor of a groundbreaking technology trademarked as Le Visage Lift Contour. Combining her science and medical backgrounds with the help of a team of experts in the cosmetic field, she developed a machine akin to the fountain of youth. 

This technology supports her commitment to a natural non-invasive beauty regiment. In true French beauty fashion, Chance is passionate about preserving the essence of the facial features of anyone she works with; her mission being to return them to a more youthful state, never to modify them. After the consultation and the first treatment, and based on the client’s initial reaction to the treatment and his/her goals, Chance will determine the number of sessions needed to achieve the optimal lift, plumping and sculpting. 

Chance is trusted and loved by many celebrities, supermodels, music icons, socialites and skincare obsessives who come from all over the world to benefit from her magical sculpting procedure. Fans include icons like Cher, Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes, supermodel/ actress Irina Shayk, French actress Rachel Kylian, American-born Russian actress Angela Gots, Spanish actress Anna Clols, French DJ/ Grammy-winning music producer Cedric Gervais, NASA scientist / film producer Daryl Hemingway - the A list goes on. If you’ve ever seen 40+ year old stars who look like they made a deal with the devil because they look young without that pinched filler look... chances are they’re using Chance.